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Toronto Green Community is offering their “Great Garden Adventure” program for the Garden’s children. It is happening every Tuesday from July 17, 2012 to August 14, 2012. “This program uses fun games, crafts and activities to teach children about garden ecosystems, composting and growing food.”

For more information about this organization and its other activities, visit the website: under “Programs”.


Our gardens, especially the youth lots, are lush with vegetables everywhere! Plenty of eggplant, squash, gooseberries, raspberries, tomatoes, chilli and okra.

Okra is a mysterious vegetable, furry and harmless on the outside, but gives its eater the taste of goo when cooked with the slimy interior. In addition, there are many okra-based dishes to satisfy your taste buds, even for the pickiest eaters. Despite its slimy texture, okra is a popular healthy food thanks to its high fiber, vitamin C and folate contents. It is high in antioxidants and fat- and cholesterol-free.

We harvested a lot of okra from the youth gardens and promoted ethnic cooking.  A delicious dish was prepared and brought to be shared between the youth volunteers and the gardeners in a flash!

Nothing stopped our gardeners from keeping up with their tradition of making our community potluck a special occasion. We all were sad of losing one of the gardeners who passed away recently, but the gathering of last month was full of energy, ethnic foods and dishes made with locally grown produce in Oriole Garden. The weather was so lovely adding the best factor to the open-aired event.

Kids had so much fun with the face painted and the henna on their skin.

We skipped July’s potluck due to Ramadan; Our next date for a new gathering will be August, 24th. See you there:)